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*** Members Don't forget our next Meeting is the 1st Wednesday of the Month, at 8:00 pm September through May, and 7:00 pm June through August at the Glen Head Community Center.***


The Hempstead Harbor Anglers Club is a not-for-profit organization headquartered on the north shore of Long Island, New York. Four avid fishermen from Glen Head and Glen Cove, New York founded the club in August 1992. Twelve members attended the historic first meeting. Our intent was the formation of an organization that would promote the joys of recreational fishing to the surrounding community and the camaraderie of belonging to a club.

Conservation, sportsmanship, and community service were the ideals that shaped the club charter.


The Club is a saltwater fishing club, We fish the western Long Island Sound. Most of our members come from the Town of Oyster Bay area, but membership is open to all. Junior members ( under 16 yrs. old ) are welcome and can join for free.

The club meets at the Glen Head Community Center, located at 200 Glen Head Road  Glen Head, NY 11545 Direction

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:00 pm September through May, and 7:00 pm June through August. Our club’s weigh station and other meeting place,  Duffy’s Bait and Tackle, is located at 58 Shore Road in Glenwood Landing. Duffy’s generously give club members a discount.

The club holds numerous tournaments throughout the year, as well as a yearlong competition for the largest fish by species. Members young and old compete for bragging rights and trophies for the numerous contests. Junior members compete in their own category.

Hempstead Harbor is our main base of operations. Our tournament boundaries extend from the marine waters east of the Throgs Neck Bridge to a line from Cranes Neck, NY. to Sheffield Island off Connecticut. Most members captain their own boats and fish within the tournament boundaries.

Boat ownership is not a prerequisite for membership.

The species of fish that the club targets are:

  • Black Sea Bass

  • Blackfish

  • Bluefish

  • Fluke

  • Porgy

  • Sea Robins ( the annual Sea Robin Rodeo )

  • Striped Bass

  • Weakfish

  • Winter Flounder


The Hempstead Harbor Anglers Club was founded on four principles:

1) The objective of this organization is to encourage a harmonious atmosphere for our members so that relationships may flourish as we enjoy our sport.

2) The club will also provide a harmonious atmosphere for our families as well, by including them in our Social events.

3) The club will be open to all. Discrimination based on sex, race, religion, or any other factor, will not be tolerated in our club. We will provide open enrollment to all those interested in saltwater fishing and adhering to the rules of the club.

4) The club will give back to the community. We will be active with other local organizations and government as it pertains to our fishing contests, conservation of our environment, and assisting in the enforcement of local fishing management programs.




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