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Graduate School for Creative Cities(admission-stop for Master Course)

Creative Cities Compose Multiple Cultures


Front-line workers in a mature urban society have increasingly hoped to acquire a high degree of knowledge related to their special fields and the ability to create problem solving knowledge. The purpose of this graduate school is to develop leading people that will bear the responsibility for ?the economic and social development of the Metropolitan Areas (with a special focus on the Kansai Area).

Overview of the Study Courses

Three major courses with a key concept of creative cities have been established for developing highly specialized working professionals. The Urban Business Study Course focuses on innovation of economic activities; the Urban Policy Study Course on economic, administrative and social sector policy; and the Urban Information Study Course on information infrastructure. Standard term of study of each course is two years.?

There is also a PhD program that aims to train researchers and opinion leaders with practical and problem solving ability, who will contribute to make our cities creative.

(1) Urban Business Study Course?The purpose of the Urban Business Study Course is to cultivate leaders who will promote innovation in economic activities in the 21st century.

Entrepreneurship Study In the Entrepreneurship Study, students who want to start their own businesses can acquire basic management skills and knowledge of the economic environment, and can cultivate the necessary insights and mentality for entrepreneurs.
Asian Business Study Asian Business Study develops leaders who can help to promote reciprocal cooperation between Japan and the fast-developing Asian countries.

(2) Urban Policy Study Course?The purpose of the Urban Policy Study Course is to develop future leaders in the economic, administrative and social sectors, to play key roles in urban affairs in the 21st century.

Urban Economy & Regional Policy Course Urban Economy & Regional Policy Course develops opinion leaders who can design and suggest visions of cities to help create innovative urban areas in which development of new industries and cultures is encouraged.
Urban Public Policy Study Urban Public Policy Study develops future leaders who can promote policy planning and administrative reforms for local governmental organizations based on evaluations of administration and policies.
Urban Co-existing Society Study Urban Coexistent Society Study develops potential leaders in social organization who have high awareness of human rights issues and the ability to conceptualize philosophies that promote equitable urban societies in which people can live dignified lives.

(3) Urban Information Study Course The purpose of the Urban Information Study Course is to develop leaders who will build the information infrastructure and create necessary information businesses to support urban living in the 21st century.

Knowledge Information Infrastructure Study Knowledge Information Infrastructure Study is aimed at developing the leaders with the basic and interdisciplinary expertise needed to develop information infrastructures and to design, build, integrate and implement technologies and contents for knowledge-based societies.
Information Systems Innovation Study Information Systems Innovation Study is aimed at developing students with both broad knowledge in construction of information systems and practical systems development abilities, to create systems for the next-generation information society.

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