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Happenings at the Hempstead Harbor Anglers Club Monthly General Meetings

The Board of Directors works diligently to ensure that our general membership club meetings are interesting and well attended. Among our guest speakers at meetings are expert fisherman, Marine biologists, conservation officers, charter boat captains, fishing tackle manufacturers, environmental groups, and meteorologists, all of whom have a wealth of valuable knowledge to share.


In the past we have had speakers from:

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


Each year we had welcomed Byron Young, a Marine Biologist from the D.E.C.  Mr. Young retired in 2005. We wish him well in his retirement.

 In 2006 Steve Heins took over the duties of Mr. Young.  

Mr. Heins, also an accomplished speaker, brings the club up to date on current and proposed fishing regulations. An added benefit of having Mr. Heins is that he served as head of the New York State Artificial Reef Building Project, which added another level of interest to his presentation. When a speaker from the New York State D.E.C. is scheduled, a representative from the Division of Law Enforcement usually attends. This lends itself to a variety of discussions and opinions relating to the fishing regulations in effect at the time.


R&G Fishing Charters


We have had the pleasure of hosting seminars by Captain Rich Tenreiro among others. Captain Tenreiro who charters out of Port Washington, New York, mesmerized all in attendance with his views of fishing the western Long Island Sound area. Captain Tenreiro shared fishing methods that he has developed over his long fishing career, as well as his preferred tackle and terminal gear.


 Wake Fishing Charters


Another speaker that has captivated our club members is

 Captain Stret Whitting of the Charter Boat  Wake  out of Montauk Point, New York. Captain Whitting has lectured on topics ranging from Striped Bass and Blackfish fishing at Montauk Point to repair and maintenance of fishing tackle and the tying of fishing rigs for all species of fish that reside in the western Long Island Sound.


The Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor

Ms. Carol Dipole a representative from a local environmental group, The Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor, spoke to us about ongoing programs to clean up the harbor. Hempstead Harbor was one of the most contaminated bodies of water in the western Long Island Sound. Ms. Dipole explained to the members that the poor water quality and the major silting of the back harbor were caused by the commercial activities in the area. The good news is that the commercial activities have since stopped and the water quality improves year after year.


Custom Fishing Rods by Capt. Neil

Another guest speaker was Captain Neil Faulkner Representing
 Custom Fishing Rods by Capt. Neil . Captain Neil came to our meeting and gave a very informative speech about the dynamics of the fishing rod. Captain Neil demonstrated to our members the different “ actions ” and rod wrapping techniques that are incorporated in the construction of a custom made fishing rod.


National Weather Service

The Board of Directors invited the  National Weather Service  to address one of our meetings. Science and Operations Officer (SOO) - Jeffrey Tongue from the Upton Forecast Center accepted our invitation. Mr. Tongue explained how the weather forecast is predicted and how the announcements are made over the Weather Service Radio. The members complained, moaned and pleaded with Mr. Tongue, but the reality is:

 He CAN NOT change the weather.


Mobile Marine Mechanic - Tim Binder

A Mobile Marine Mechanic - Tim Binder, has spoken at more than one of our club meetings. Mr. Binder has lived in the area of the western Long Island Sound and has traveled to many far off places around the country. This seminar was very interesting and the club members present were made aware of the differences between an automobile engine and a marine engine. We also discussed the changes that have taken place with the refining of present day gasoline, this made for some very interesting conversation as many members had additional insights to share.



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