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Annual Events

Each year the club holds some “Special Events”


In April, we have a POT LUCK Dinner.

Usually this coincides with the D.E.C. speaker.


In July, we have a club PICNIC.

 2010 was without a doubt the most memorable. The picnic was catered by a mobile Texas barbeque. This was the largest turnout of members and family in club history, with over 100 people attending. But what makes this event the most memorable was the major storm that blew through the harbor, with winds in excess of 70 MPH. We had only a few minutes warning, so it was quite a fire drill to get things battened down. Some members almost literally blew away and some are still looking for their lawn chairs. Others reported seeing “Funnel Clouds” forming on the opposite side of the harbor, over Sands Point and Manhasset.


In September the club sponsors our annual

Snapper Derby.

The children of the North Shore School District are invited to the Tappen Beach Pier. The kids bring their fishing rods and the club provides everything else, bait, hooks, chum and instruction from club members. Trophies are given to the winners of the contests and afterwards there is a raffle and the club presents new snapper rods to raffle winners.


In December we have our annual

Christmas Pot Luck Dinner.

The spirit of the holidays truly comes out at this event.

 Plus the food is absolutely fabulous !

In January we have our ANNUAL AWARDS DINNER


This is the culmination of the entire fishing season. The evening includes a slide presentation, fabulous dinner with an open bar, and awards and trophies are presented to contest winners. Then there is a huge raffle, with prizes ranging from a bucket of boat cleaning supplies to top-notch rods and reels. In addition to the prizes, there is a 50/50 raffle.

Hempstead Harbor Anglers Club Fishing Excursions

Other activities include club-sponsored charters. In June 2006 the club held it’s first Striped Bass charter aboard the Sea Otter West sailing out of Glen Cove. The boat piloted by Captain B.J. Lizza, fished outside of Hempstead Harbor with 23  club members aboard. Striped Bass and Bluefish were caught throughout the evening, and everyone onboard enjoyed the outing thoroughly.


We also held a very successful Blackfish trip with Captain Lizza.

Lots of Tog were caught and we all shared lots of laughs watching one another “swing and miss”.


We have another charter booked with Captain Rich Tenreiro aboard the “ANGLER” in late June 2011, during the height of the Stripped Bass run. Many of the members are looking forward to fishing with Rich, as he has a lot of knowledge to share. 

Some of our members have traveled the globe to fish in the United States, the Caribbean and South and Central America. There is a lot of knowledge to be shared!


Visit our Photo Gallery to view photos taken by members of the Hempstead Harbor Anglers Club.


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